Hartford Handsome is about celebrating the men and masculinity of our capital city. Originally a hashtag created by the masters of style at Founders Pomade, #HartfordHandsome is now the unofficial, official home to some of the spiffiest gents in the northeast. This website is a gathering place for images and inspiration from local vendors, designers, artists, photographers, and sartorial aficionados young and old, who are interested in capturing the essence of Hartford’s modern man.





As an original Hartford Handsome, Mark Twain said “Clothes do not merely make the man…clothes are the man” A handsome city in its own right, Hartford benefits from being the birthplace of many innovators and innovations of style, from Pope’s Columbia Bicycles to Colt’s assembly line, from Pratt Street’s Professional Barber Shop to Albany Ave’s Scott’s Jamaican Bakery. Designed to highlight this illustrious past and present, Hartford Handsome appeals to an audience full of urban sophisticates. Whether you are looking for a new style trend, an inspirational photo or shopping guide, Hartford Handsome is a road map for our small state’s most stylish men.



Over the last year we’ve kept the handsome alive and we’re excited to be back at it for twenty-fifteen. We’ll be hitting the streets from July 13th – July 26th. Be on the look out! The hottest party of the summer will culminate on Friday, July 31st at Hartford Prints! RSVP here.