What is the Hartford Handsome campaign?

The Hartford Handsome campaign is 2 week-long, street style search for Hartford’s modern man. We will be out in the streets of Hartford photographing the spiffiest and sharpest we can find. These photos will then be posted to Instagram, where the public can vote on their favorite Hartford gent. The top three participants will be announced at our July 31st event and featured in a photoshoot for Hartford Handsome products. Keep an eye out for Hartford Prints!, with camera and clipboard in hand, and you might be our first contender!

When does it start?

Scouting for Hartford Handsome starts on Monday, July 13th and ends Sunday, July 26th. We’re keep the locations a surprise so you never know where we’ll pop up!

How can I be featured?

Make sure to be out on the town looking your best! If we make your acquaintance, we will take a couple of shots of you doing your thing and ask you to sign a release form. Then, tell all your friends, family (and random strangers on the street) that you’re a hot ticket! And to keep an eye out on Hartford Prints! Instagram feed because you might be featured the following day.

How does the voting work?

If you are featured, your photo will remain on Hartford Prints!’s Instagram for the duration of scouting. People can “vote” for you by liking the photo. Once scouting has ended, the top 5 contenders will be re-posted on July 27th on Instagram for a full week of voting. The top 3 final “like-getters” will be announced and properly celebrated at our July 31st event.

How will the finalists be selected?

In order to make it to the top 5 finalists, your photograph must have the most likes. So take to the streets, spread the word, and make it happen!

What is the event on July 31st all about?

On July 31st, Hartford Prints! will host “a party for the modern man” in our Pratt Street store, featuring Hartford Handsome’s collaborators, vendors, local food, music, and of course, our campaign winners! Don’t miss out on the hottest, and handsomest, party of the summer!

For more details, visit the Hartford Handsome event page here:


How can I be Hartford Handsome?

There’s a little bit of Hartford Handsome in all of us. Our capital city is alive with the energetic faces of inspired and inspirational men. Just be happy, be stylish, be a gentleman, and be yourself!