Name: Tang Sauce

IG Handle: bangdollatang

Location: Hartford

Occupation: Hip Hop musician and dancer. I also work at the Kitchen in Billings Forge.

How would you describe your style?: I wouldn’t really describe my style- I just put together what I like.

What brings you to Hartford today?: I work here, I live here, I shot my first music video here, and I’m distributing my first album, Maturity, here.

What’s your favorite fashion accessory?: Ties or necklaces, just because they add so much character. They can just completely change up your vibe.

What can’t you leave your house without?: My rhyme book. I try to always have it with me. You never know when you’re going to be inspired or have a great idea.

Where’s your favorite Hartford Hotspot?: Hartford Prints!, 860 Skate Shop, Studio 860. And Bushnell Park! Oh, and Sully’s.

Dead or alive, who’s your style icon?: Pharell, Will Smith, and the people around me.






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  1. Very Handsome! I love him!!

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