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Name: Gabriel Miguel

IG handle: @pristineorigins

From: Hartford, Behind the Rocks .

Occupation: Works at Firebox Restaurant.

How would you describe your style: I just do me, I avoid being flashy logos, mostly just plain stuff.

What brings you to Hartford? The Farmers Market with friends.

What is your favorite fashion accessory? My rings and bracelets.

What can’t you leave the house without?: Cell phone + water bottle. I need water, I end up just carrying around a backpack to make sure I don’t forget it.

What’s your favorite Hartford Hot spot? Any place with an open mic night!

Dead or alive, who’s your style icon?: 1920s dapper or greasers.


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  1. Myrian Ojeda says:

    Handsome, styling and an entrepreneur. He’s my son and I’m very proud of his accomplishments not just his looks and awesome personality.

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