Name: Tkartsba ( pronounced Abstract) is my artist name- but you can call me Mag.

Instagram Handle: _theguild_

From: Originally New York, now Hartford.

Occupation: Artist/dancer/poet.

How would you describe your style?: I get my inspiration from the French and Japanese scenes. Their style’s are very mixed.

What brings you to Hartford today?: I’m visiting my brother with my girlfriend and hanging out with some friends.

What’s your favorite fashion accessory?: Hats. And I like to wear bandanas tied around my knee, anklets, and slip-on shoes.

Where’s your favorite Hartford Hotspot?: Heaven Skate Park. I study hardcore and take a lot of inspiration from art and philosophy. I love Nietzsche. Heaven has a lot of incredible art- I like to go there to sit and think on everything- it’s where I go to work on my ideas.

Dead or alive, who’s your style icon?: I don’t have one. I just dress. Art is my inspiration.


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