DSC_0260_1 copyName: Josh

From: Hartford

Occupation: Fashion Designer

How would you describe your style: Minimal. I have a few pieces that fit the look and something unexpected or out of the element.

What brings you to Hartford? Slow Roll.

What is your favorite fashion accessory? Something that doesn’t fall into place stylistically speaking like a key chain or a notebook, today it’s my camera.

What can’t you leave the house without?: I find that my memory isn’t very good so my camera helps me keep track of my memories.

What’s your favorite Hartford Hot spot? The West End / Farmington Ave.

Dead or alive, who’s your style icon?: Recently I’ve been inspired by Acne Studios from Stockhom or anything circa 88 to 91. Black jeans, black shoes, white socks.

DSC_0262_1 copy

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