Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Why do you choose to live in Hartford?

I’m a Connecticut boy, born in Coventry. My family moved to Simsbury and bought the house my grandparents lived in when I was two years old. The house in Simsbury has been in the family now for over 50 years, cant imagine home to be anywhere else. I studied Hospitality at Cornell University. Moved to Brooklyn after and cooked at a few restaurants in Manhattan before moving to France for two years. I fell completely for all thing France, but couldn’t get past being so far away from family , friends and home. I was offered a job at ON20 in 2009 and have planted myself in hartford since. I live in the West End currently, and love it!

Where do you get your style inspiration from? What magazines/blogs/media sources do you look to?

I get a lot of inspiration my job. Cooking is hard work, I wear a uniform all day and night, with a long apron and wooden clogs. When I first started cooking in the 90’s, a lot of the other cooks had a “rough and tumble “ style going. I then worked for some chefs who made it a point to look sharp when they come to work and after. I admired this , and have been emulating it since. I guess I just have a bit of suit and tie envy because Im never in one.

What is your favorite Hartford designer or product?

I admire what the gentlemen at Hartford Denim create.

I couldn’t survive for long with out a Tangiers Chicken Gyro.

  I usually have a six pack of City Steam Naughty Nurse in the fridge at home too.

What would you like to see arrive in Hartford that isn’t currently here?
I, like many others, patiently await the return of the Hartford Whalers.
What style advice would you like to impart to the other fashionable men of Hartford?
Whatever your style may be, be it with full confidence. In my eyes, the most attractive thing is confidence.

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