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Jeff Devereux

Age 25

Instagram Handle jeff_devereux

Occupation Entrepreneur

How would you describe your style? I tend to wear things that let me run around all day and still look presentable enough to have a meeting with someone in a suit and not feel like a jerk. I am not sure what you would call that.

What brings you to Hartford today? I am most always in Hartford. I live and work here. Just wanted to stop in and say hi to my friends at HP! today.

What’s your favorite accessory? I don’t wear too many accessories at the moment. I can’t go anywhere without my carabiner key chain, I made the mistake of doing that earlier this week and got locked out of my place all day.

What can’t you leave the house without? During this long winter I couldn’t leave the house without my boots from The Brothers Crisp and my Hartford Athletic Club scarf (for sale at HP!). Luckily my daily commute is just crossing the street.

What’s your favorite Hartford hotspot? First and Last Cafe has always been a personal favorite. They have perfect croissants. Otherwise its anywhere Breakfast Lunch and Dinner is throwing an event.

Dead or alive, who’s your style icon? If make believe counts, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez.



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