To round out this holiday week of Hartford Handsome, we caught up with Onyeka Obiocha. While Ony wasn’t technically a Hartford Handsome winner, he did take home the “Mr. Congeniality” prize – which for the President of A Happy Life and an all-around happy guy – was the perfect fit.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Why do you choose to live in Hartford?

5’11 and a half feet tall. German pumpernickel skin complexion. Obnoxiously flat feet. Born and raised in Windsor, CT, I always viewed Hartford as the little city that couldn’t. After graduating from UConn I was shocked to return to a city that had matured beyond my belief. Hartford always had the core assets but now there’s an honest attempt at leveraging these assets to build an actual community and identity. I genuinely feel that Hartford is on the cusp of greatness and I am going to do everything in my power to see the City and the residents succeed.

Where do you get your style inspiration from? What magazines/blogs/media sources do you look to? 

My style inspiration stems from my need for simplicity and practicality. As an entrepreneur, I try to automate as many small decisions as I can in order to leave some mental bandwidth for larger problems. Rather than having a lot of clothing I own a set of pieces I can wear in various situations, the less time I take sifting through my closet the more time I have to start my day. As far as blogs are concerned I really only check the BxLxD tumblr and website.

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What is your favorite Hartford designer or product?

My favorite Hartford designers are The Brothers Crisp and deMuerte. The falafels at Tangiers are hands down my favorite product.

What would you like to see arrive in Hartford that isn’t currently here?

A great coffee shop.

What style advice would you like to impart to the other fashionable men of Hartford?

Keep it simple and stay in your comfort zone. As long as you feel comfortable in clothing that fits you’ll be all set.

What does winning Hartford Handsome mean to you?

Maybe my friends might stop making fun of me for that ONE TIME I wore my hat at a 45 degree angle even though at the time it was socially acceptable to do so and I still stand by my decision 100%.

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